Mother and son Gamecocks wearing the Official Ring and toasting to the alma mater

Official Carolina Ring

The Official Carolina ring is the perfect way to exhibit your pride for Carolina, and it symbolizes the history and tradition of the university. The ring can be customized with personal engravings, metal options and graduation year. Prior to graduation, the ring is worn with the University Seal facing the heart as a reminder of the goal within reach. On Commencement day, the seal is proudly worn outward as a symbol that a graduate is now an official alumnus of the University of South Carolina.

Wear your loyalty with pride. Purchase your official Carolina ring and show the world you’re a lifelong Gamecock.

  • Available in men's and women's sizes
  • Options include 10k, 14k and 18k solid white or yellow gold

Student for a short time. Gamecock for a lifetime. Forever to Thee.


How can I order my Official Ring? 


Simply contact Balfour, our Official Ring representative, at (866) BALFOUR!

Students may purchase their Carolina class ring during Ring Week Monday, February 20th - Friday, February 24th (10:00am - 4:00pm) on the 1st floor lobby of the Russell House. The Ring Ceremony will be April 23, 2017 at 2:00pm on the Horseshoe. RSVP is required.

Who can wear the Official Ring?

Graduates and students who have achieved 60 credit hours or more are eligible to participate in the Official Ring tradition. Graduate students who have completed at least 50 percent of their coursework are also eligible to purchase the Official Ring.

What is the Official Ring Ceremony?

All students ordering rings by the end of Ring Week will be invited to participate in the Official Ring Ceremony. The university president presents each student his or her ring at this elegant ceremony held on the historic Horseshoe.

More about the Official Ring

A committee comprised of students, alumni and staff designed the Official Ring. The result was a ring that would forever symbolize the history and tradition of Carolina. This exclusive ring is only available to those who have earned the right to wear it. The Official University of South Carolina Ring links you forever to Carolina.