Privacy Policy

My Carolina Alumni Association respects and protects the privacy of our users. Our staff maintains biographical, academic, demographic and gift/payment information on alumni, donors and friends of the University of South Carolina. We  do not share your personal information with unaffiliated parties. (The full policy for the release of contact information can be found below.)

 What Information We Collect

  • Biographical and demographic: names; addresses; phone numbers; email addresses; family members’ names; current and past places of employment

  • Academic: schools/colleges; majors, minors/cognates and class years; extracurricular activities and honors societies; degrees, class years, and majors for other institutions attended (if reported)

  • Membership: graduation year; membership in My Carolina Alumni Association

  • Gifts and payments: philanthropic donations; event registration costs

How We Protect Your Data

  • Data is stored in a password-protected database

  • No social security numbers are visible to users of the database

  • Staff members must sign a university confidentiality agreement

  • Only staff may access the data of an individual and update individual records

  • My Carolina policies and procedures guide the use and access of the information

Policy for the Release of Constituent Information

Unless in aggregate form without personal details, My Carolina does not share data outside of the University of South Carolina and its affiliated parties. We do not sell, distribute, trade or otherwise transfer personally identifiable information obtained from a user to any third party outside our organization, unless it is for authorized purposes. My Carolina may share your personal contact information (postal and email addresses and phone numbers) with authorized parties other than My Carolina staff unless you specify otherwise (see “Preferences and Privacy Settings”).

Authorized parties and purposes include but are not limited to the following:

  • My Carolina affinity groups including Young Alumni Council and Black Alumni Council; governing leadership such as Board of Governors; and nationwide alumni chapters

  • My Carolina reunion coordinators for reunion planning and communications

  • My Carolina business partners for specific solicitation and marketing purposes as outlined in contractual agreements

Authorized purposes are mission driven and typically involve informing alumni, donors and friends about opportunities, activities, events, programs and news. My Carolina requires authorized parties to sign confidentiality agreements. Contact information may never be used for commercial, religious, political or fundraising purposes not approved by university administration. My Carolina reserves the right to deny access to contact information to any parties found in violation of this policy.

My Carolina will not provide contact information for personal use. When possible, My Carolina staff will assist in relaying an inquiry, with response left to the recipient. Graduates may also utilize the online directory to correspond with each other. (Alumni, donors and friends who are viewable in the directory may adjust their privacy settings by logging in to

NOTE: The data you choose to remove from the online directory is simply hidden from the alumni, donors and friends who log in and visit it. To make changes to how the University of South Carolina and My Carolina Alumni Association communicate with you, you will need to call My Carolina at (803) 777-4111 and ask for one or more of the actions listed below to be taken.

Preferences and Privacy Settings

You have the following options available  should you choose to limit use of or access to your information. You may make the necessary adjustments by contacting My Carolina at (803) 777-4111.

Do Not Publish: This removes your name and contact information from the online directory and any future printed directories. You will still receive communications generated by the University of South Carolina such as Carolinian magazine, fundraising letters and offers from authorized vendors and business partners.

Do Not Call: This will remove your name and contact information from lists used for calling campaigns by the University of South Carolina and My Carolina Alumni Association.

Do Not Mail: This will remove your name and contact information from all mailing lists of printed materials from the University of South Carolina and My Carolina Alumni Association, including Carolinian magazine.

Do Not Solicit: This will remove your name and contact information from lists shared with authorized partners who work closely with My Carolina to offer benefits and services to University of South Carolina graduates and friends. You will not receive solicitations for membership from My Carolina Alumni Association.

Additional Databases

For purposes of constituent management internal to the alumni association, My Carolina may maintain other databases that contain contact, membership and event information that are accessible via a privacy-protected server only by staff, all of whom have signed a confidentiality agreement with the university.

Refund Policy

Purchases made through My Carolina Alumni Association are non-refundable. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact My Carolina at (803) 777-4111.