My Carolina Student Network members on the Horseshoe

About the Student Network

Student for a short time. Gamecock for a lifetime.


What is the Student Network?

My Carolina Alumni Association Student Network, the largest student organization on campus, provides students with opportunities to connect with one another, embrace the campus community and prepare for the working world as future alumni. Membership is $25 per year or $75 for four years.

What are the advantages of joining?

When you become a member, you will receive a membership pack containing a t-shirt, cinch pack and discount card for retail benefits in Columbia. As a member, you can attend My Carolina events, including those created to strengthen your marketability as a young alumnus entering the professional world.

Where can I visit My Carolina?

Next summer, you'll be able to swing down to the Vista to see your gorgeous, brand-new Alumni Center on the corner of Lincoln and Senate streets and find My Carolina there! Until then, please visit us at 1600 Gervais Street, where you can pick up your membership pack or get your membership card!