Veterans Alumni Council

The mission of the Veterans Alumni Council (VAC) is to unite and organize Veteran Alumni of the University, current student veterans and friends into a welded community to pursue the following causes:

  • Build camaraderie within the greater Gamecock Veteran network by promoting active membership within the Association through involvement with VAC sponsored events;
  • Recognition of Gamecock Veterans, supporters and associates through academic scholarships and awards to promote and encourage educational interests at the University;
  • Connect Gamecock Veterans with local and national veteran service organization partners to facilitate community service and fellowship opportunities;
  • Establish a unified voice for Veteran Alumni to advocate for student veterans at the University.

The founding board members of the Veterans Alumni Council are (pictured above, left to right)

  • Jared Evans, U.S. Marine Corp, '12, Class of 2017 M.B.A 
  • U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. James Anderson, '15
  • Aubrey Lynne Sejuit, U.S. Army Reserve, '16 Ph.D.
  • Ashley Bunnell, U.S. Army, Class of 2018
  • Cpl. Steven Diaz, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.), '13
  • Sgt. James Hull, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.), Class of 2017

Many veterans are unaware of the resources available to them through higher education. The Veterans Alumni Council (VAC) council will help peers find funding to pursue advanced degrees and connect them to businesses looking for highly-skilled people. The VAC will also be a conduit for other assistance such as locating housing and other Veteran’s Administration benefits. VAC organizers want to create healthy conversations about PTSD and the veteran suicide epidemic. The founding members of the council were already working to support fellow veterans in various capacities.

Share your information to receive updates from the VAC

Katie Hambrick can help you get involved! Feel free to contact Katie directly at (803) 777-0971.

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