2017 Board of Governors Application

**The 2017 BOG Application has closed. Thank you.**

The My Carolina Alumni Association Board of Governors is actively seeking alumni to join the board. Applications will be accepted until April 25, 2017 for a term to commence at the fall board meeting held on Homecoming weekend (October 26-28, 2017). To be eligible for membership, alumni must have a degree from the University of South Carolina and must also be a Member of the Alumni Association. Members serve a three-year term and may be eligible to serve an additional, consecutive term. The number of vacant seats each year varies based on open positions based on congressional district and expiring terms. The vacant seats available this year are: SC District 5 and SC District 7. Search for Your SC Congressional District here.

About the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the University of South Carolina Alumni Association, a 501(c)(3) eleemosynary organization established in 1846 to promote fellowship among USC graduates and to mobilize them in support of their Alma Mater. The Board establishes policy and strategic direction for the Association, advises the staff of the organization and holds fiduciary responsibility for the assets of the Association. Our current board roster can be viewed here.


Governors serve three-year terms. All Governors are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Board (we hold two to three board meetings at the Alumni Center per year). In addition, all members of the Board are assigned to one standing committee and, at various times, may be assigned to ad hoc committees. The Standing Committees of the Board include but not be limited to Communications and Advocacy, Operations, Alumni Engagement, and Membership and Development.

District Board Members: The Members of the Board representing the Congressional Districts of the State shall represent their various and respective geographic areas in all matters pertaining to the affairs of the Association. District Governors assist in coordinating Alumni activities in that area, including serving as an ex-officio member of the board of directors of any local University Alumni Club.

National Board Members: National Board Members assist the officers and Executive Director of the Association in the working of the Association to further accomplish its objectives and to serve as ex-officio members of the board of directors of any local University Alumni Club where geographically feasible.


Contact Lindsey Griffin at lgriffin@mycarolina.org.

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