Carolina's Legislative Priorities 2012

During Carolina Day at the State House, alumni and other Carolina supporters shared with their lawmakers the legislative priorities for the state's flagship university in 2012.

Capital Projects


USC School of Law

Support is requested for the new law school campus which will combine historic buildings with new facilities on Senate Street. It will house the state's law library and also the Children's Law Center and new Rule of Law Center. These unique functions and location, within view of the Statehouse, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, National Advocacy Center, downtown law firms and the historic Horseshoe will offer students opportunities and experiences unavailable elsewhere. This exciting vision, our new dean, a refreshed curriculum and commitment to excellence for our state has sparked energy, excitement and pride.

Capital Renewal
The University was grateful to the legislature for $11 million that in last year’s budget helped USC improve its roofing structures. This year, USC continues to need support for a long list of maintenance and improvement projects for existing infrastructure.

The USC McNAir Center will become a world-class, collaborative aerospace innovation, research and education center. USC seeks support for this growing aerospace education and research center.

Funding and Regulatory Reform
The University of South Carolina seeks a fair and equitable distribution of higher education funding that is based on accountability and transparency. As the Flagship University of the state, USC is poised to lead efforts that match funding with criteria that include serving resident students, improving graduation rates and leading in economic development.

Lottery Scholarships
The University of South Carolina, Columbia, educates the state’s largest number of Lottery Scholarship-supported scholars.
  1. Awarded 1,430 Palmetto Fellow Awards – a 59% increase from 2005-2011 and demonstrating the interest South Carolina’s best and brightest students have in our academic programs.
  2. Awarded 6,374 Life Scholarships – an increase of 4% since 2005.
  3. USC’s Flagship Campus is proud that it has the highest first-to-second year retention rate among public universities for Life and Palmetto Fellow awardees – 64.5% and 90.4%, respectively.
SmartState Endowed Chairs
USC has attracted 15 SmartState chairs and through their innovation, attracted a half dozen new companies, created new jobs and continues to bring cutting-edge research to our state.