On February 5, 2014, we asked the South Carolina legislature for a Tuition Timeout at Carolina Day at the State House!

Thank you for your support.

See a full photo album from Carolina Day 2014!

Alumni just like you want to make sure the University of South Carolina continues to provide a quality education for everyone. We work to inform state legislators and policymakers why a strong University of South Carolina benefits the entire state. Please consider becoming an advocate for the University of South Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Become an Advocate?
Becoming an advocate for the Carolina Action Network means that you are taking an active part in letting our elected officials know how you feel about selected legislative issues. More...

What Do Advocates Do?
Our advocates are a network of volunteers who work together to increase awareness regarding particular legislative issues. More...

What Is Required?
Becoming an advocate for the Carolina Action Network can take as little or as much time as you have to give. More...

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News & Notes

At Carolina Day, Alumni Advocate for a Tuition Timeout
President Harris Pastides“We’ve done more with less, but we will simply not be able to freeze tuition without some relief from our elected officials," said President Pastides at the Carolina Day event. More...

Support Tuition Timeout with Carolina Action Network
Over the past decade, state appropriations have dwindled to just 10% of Carolina's budget, so the university has had to rely more on sponsored research awards and tuition and fee increases to continue to provide an outstanding student experience, an unsustainable model for growth.

See How Carolina Impacts Your County!
Campus mapFrom educating future leaders to supporting our economic vitality, the University of South Carolina's eight-campus system makes a huge difference in the Palmetto State. More...

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